4 data links; Deep Learning, Responsive, MS & SAP

Today I want to present you four data-realted links from my daily reading:

So You Wanna Try Deep Learning?

…is a stunning documents & tutorial collection for everone who wants to get into deep learning, which according to Wikipedia helps to find connections and relations in datasets.

Responsive Dashboard

is an AngularJS/Twitter Bootstrap based template for a browser-based dashboard. For non-designers like me these templates help setup fast an ok- or even good looking site.

Free Microsoft eBooks

MS decided to make all of their product & platform related ebooks publicly available. Endeusers of MS products will be happy about the Office stuff, but I remember a colleague from an email today who thanked another one for his hero skills for clicking through – estimated – 50 Azure-Cloud-related portals/management sites etc. … maybe books like this one either explain the mess or give some guidance to MS product managers on where to improve.

SAP & ApiGee

Thats’s going to be a huge story… since some time I have now an HANA database in my hands. Already as a standalone tool it is powerful, but its additions on top such as the meanwhile open-sourced OpenUI5 and XSEngine open a new bunch of options especially for developers … and it is good to see that APIs get a more prominent role as business enablers.

That’s for today… happy to get feeback on this new format!

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