4 data links: Hana for Soccer & IT infrastructure optimization, transactional emails & architecture for distributed task handling

My 4 Links for today:
At least in German media it was.somehow present, howthegerman soccer team used SAP Hana for optimization of their.training.strategy.  The blog article Big Data & Spatial Analytics Help Germany Score the World Cup gives now some more technical notes how this was done … and I’m delighted to see that also startups take this up as a business opportunity.(e.g. Varsaty)

“Put ALL your Logs into Business Action” is a very interesting idea to use databases such as Hana for internal IT/cloud optimization. (Part of my fascination comes from the fact, that I do similar now with focus on one cloud provider..and I can see the optimization potential already there) So in case you managing a number of different it+ clouds like services, this SAP initiative might be interesting to you.

Transactional HTML Email Templates is a bundle of Good html email templates, which are targeted tow ards use in transactional emails. While getting this kind of emails has been solved for a while (e.g. via services like SendGrid, which I like for their API coverage or AWS SES), well designed html templates with consistent rendering different devices and in different applications have been are area with room for improvement for a while.

When it comes to distributed task handling in web applications, some terms come immediately into mind, such as RabbitMQ, Celery for Python/Django, AWS SQS etc. Nextdoor Taskworker: simple, efficient & scalable has now detailed overview of the architecture considerations they have chosen for them … very inspiring to read!

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