4links: ChartIO, DataStringer, googleVis & interactive R graphics

My 4 links for today:

– Introducing the Data Pipeline of ChartIO shows one additional toolset to let data scientists data workflows. This comes in a row with existing tools like MS Azure Machine Learning (which I could see in beta stage) and the upcoming Google DataFlow. … looks like work of data analysts will be supported in future even better.

–  BBC open sourced today a new toolset called DataStringer, which is targeted towards data journalists and allows to setup push notifications for changes in remote data repositories. As of now, JavaScript knowledge is needed to setup the system, but improvements migth make this even more acessible.

– googleVis got a new release: it makes the powerful Google Chart tools accessible to scripts in R. In advantage to e.g. ggplot2, googleVis is also able to generate interactive graphics.

– A comparison of different toolsets for interactive graphics from R  helps to find the right library for your visualization case.

Again, my shameless self-plug: I started gathering interest for a solution, which creates a printed large-scale diagram based on your AWS cloud infrastructure: if your interested feel free to head to http://clouddiagram0.datenprodukt.com/ .

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