4links: CSV fingerprint, MDM, Weather visualized & R visualization,

My 4 links for today:

– CSV Fingerprint: Spot errors in your data at a glance links to a very interesting tool for anybody who more or less regulary works with potentially messy data. It helps to find anomalies in CSV files based on their format in a bird-level overview.

– I worked some time ago with masterdata management software, and they are difficult to sell (and implement) because customers do not immediately see the touchable benefits. The MDM for Anything (MDM Summer Series Part 6) blog (and the series before it) sheds some light on this. Interestingly enough, even startups come up with quite specialized services in this area. (such as product data as a service)

– In the eye of the storm contains a very good told story about typhoons in Hong Kong. Especially the second part (about how Hong Kong has adapted) has very instructive data visualizations e.g. on the ways typhoons took over the year. Ok, http://hint.fm/wind/ is slighty more impressive as it covers winds across the US with a good combination of historical & forecasted data).

– The talk Winston Chang’s “Interactive Graphics with ggvis” at useR! 2014 shows how the next evolution of the already know ggplot data visualization library for R can be used for interactive graphics. When not being in an R environment, I liked recently interactive visualizations by SAP Lumira, find examples at http://www.saplumira.com/learn/boards.php .

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