4links: Sheetlabs API service, OpStarts, Azure Search, Domino R API integration

My 4 links for today:

– Sheetlabs is a webservice, which allows to put any spreadsheet into an API, which eases integration in workflows while avoiding to hardcode spreadsheet structures. I had this challenge already sometimes and happy to see somebody come up with a solution… will test that!

OpStarts is a SaaS solution, which provides planning & forecasting for startups, especially in the SaaS area. It includes basic business planning with the special types ‘entities’ in SaaS business, such as subscriptions, plans etc.

– MS Azure steps now up with a search as a service feature: they are not the first ones, but the offering looks good & easy to setup. Well.. only once you found out, that theservice can only be configured in the new azure admin portal, and not in the ‘old’ one.

– Domino Data Labs brought a piece on Integrating R with production systems using an HTTP API : it is essentially a service which allows to expose R logic as an API, which makes integration in other applications easy while keeping the calculation logic separated & maintainable in R. Before you had to do calculcations in R and once you were done, you had either to cope with not-so-performant R wrappers or you had to rewrite your logic in your app’s programming language.

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