4links: Azure EventHub, Office365 & Azure Automation, NLP in 20 languages

Here again, 4 interesting links from the last days:

  • After AWS Kinesis and the upcoming Google Cloud Product to process streaming data, also MS Azure showed off their product: It is called EventHub and described in a littel bit more detail at http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/azure-announcing-new-real-time-data-streaming-and-data-factory-services . Especially the scope of the “managed service” makes it look like a quite good package.
  • Google started to walk the road of “office automation” in many different places, but this is still a very fragmented story (Google Docs automation vs. Google Mail Plugins etc.). Microsoft Office365 is about to offer a very consistend framework for atuomating everything around Office… this will be a good spot for productivity tool providers. More details at http://www.programmableweb.com/news/microsoft-office-365-apis-and-sdks-provide-mobile-dev-opportunities/2014/10/29 .
  • Azure Automation provides now a proprietaray way to do infrastructure “scripts” called “RunBooks“… unfortunately they cannot yet support existing open source standards. They are PowerShell supported scripts and the preview at http://azure.microsoft.com/blog/tag/azure-automation/ shows a good potential. This is also interesting compared to other cloud providers, as they offer only limited way to script whole infrastructure operations.
  • A company called LinguaSys debuted their product, which is an NLP API for 20 languages. (https://nlp.linguasys.com/ ) This is not the first API of its kind, but compared to most of the other APIs I’ve seen so far the language coverage is best. Their storymapper functionality offers services such as sentiment analysis, entity recognition etc.

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